Our Vendors 2017

Here is our list of vendors that are currently at our market. This list will be updated once the summer season vendors are confirmed. When the summer season begins you may find some vendors at OK Friday Market, some at Midland Market and some at both.

Antique Art Gardens

Teresa Cigan creates handcrafted natural soaps.



Everything Maple

Tracy Moore and Rick Nadeau have created over 180 products based on Pure Ontario Maple Syrup Including BBQ sauces, dips, dressings and jams. “Funky and Fabulous – It’s maple, what’s not to love?”

705 294 0811


Grandpa’s Hungarian Sausage

Art Botyanski    705-533-2759

Our sausages are made exclusively of pork shoulder (no fillers) and using my grandfather’s old world recipe to spice the sausages to perfection. We offer an extremely gluten free tasty treat for the barbecue! We make  mild, hot and honey garlic sausages for your enjoyment!  We also make a turkey cranberry sausage.
Our sausages are homemade and offer an old world taste of an era long gone. My grandfather, George Botyanski  trained as a Butcher in Hungary and in 1924 emigrated to Canada and opened up a Butcher/ Grocery Store in Welland, Ontario which he operated for many years.

 Herbs, Etc.

Fresh made preserves, condiments, herbs, muffins, scones.



 John and Joyce Homemade Products

Joyce and John Bednar make Homemade fruit and meat pies, preserves, pressure canned soups and sauces and much more.


Northwinds Farm

Douglas Gullett    705.727.0461

Farm fresh chickens, ducks, local meats, eggs, honey, maple syrup, rhubarb, asparagus, berries, onions, lettuce, beets, carrots, kale, beans, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, squash, pumpkins, cabbage.

Rosie Rain Meat Pies

Lorraine Lees bakes delicious and nutritious homemade meat pies and quiche. Available at local farmers markets since 2009. Family favourites include Steak and Guinness, Chicken, and Quiche Lorraine. Text or Call 705 252 5507 if you want to pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Say Cheese




Victoria Bakery

Chef Ryszard  705-305-7439 specializes in European Natural 100% Rye Bread made with no preservatives. Handmade perogies, cabbage rolls and other baked goods using traditional old recipes.

Way Back Playback

Karen Martin uses a variety of mediums to create functional handcrafted art pieces. Many of which are re-purposed vinyl records for wall clocks, ashtrays and candy dish.